Willie Wilds(non-registered)
Hey Mike,
just checked out your pictures a dude, you pictures are awesome!!!
robert bob lalas
Michael the pictures you have are very amazing everything is smooth and beautiful. I like all the pictures they have really perfect shoots.
Phoo Chan(non-registered)
Superb photography site Michael. It was a pleasure talking and shooting with you this morning. Look forward to seeing your shots from 5DS!

nancy mc caffrey(non-registered)

Are any of you photos of eagles shot on L.I.? If so, where?
Blaise Allen(non-registered)
Beautiful work and excellent collection. I love the owl shots best. what is that painted duck? So interesting to view the different birds from down here in S.FL. I'd love to know what gear you use.
It was good meeting you today at Conowingo. I enjoyed looking through your portfolio! Thanks for some great spots to find various wildlife!
Next time don't be so quiet :)
Linda McP(non-registered)
Thank you for your spectacular photos. And more so, for your sensitivities and sensibilities regarding our wildlife. <3
Michael Heege Nature Photography
Joe, thank you for visiting the site. I use longer lenses for the wildlife shots 70-200,100-400 and a 800. I use a crop factor 7d for the extra distance and a 5D mark iii which is a full frame body. For landscapes I go wide a 10-22 and a 17-40mm.
What camera and lenses do you use?
Great photos, your photos inspire me to pick up my camera and go to the mountains
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