The eye popping and colorful Evening Grosbeak

February 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

In the harsh and bleak winter, with no real color in the landscape. There is a little winged critter that stands out its the Evening Grosbeak.In my opinion it is one cool looking bird and it stands out in the wintery northeast. If you are lucky enough to see one it will stop you dead in your tracks.Its color just explodes out of the snowy gray landscape. The Evening Grosbeaks are large, heavyset finches with very thick, powerful, conical bills. They have a thick neck, full chest, and relatively short tail. Adult male Evening Grosbeaks are yellow and black birds with a prominent white patch in the wings. They have dark heads with a bright-yellow stripe over the eye. Females and immatures are mostly gray, with white-and-black wings and a greenish-yellow tinge to the neck and flanks. The bill is pale ivory on adult males and greenish-yellow on females.


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