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January 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Here are some shots from my recent trip up into northern Ontario last week. It always amazes me how these seemingly fragile looking birds can survive in subzero conditions. I was there for a week and I don’t think the temperature reached above zero, yet these beautiful birds thrive somehow. The Evening Grosbeak is striking in the winter landscape, in a sea of white snow and pine trees this colorful bird stands out. The male is yellow-bodied with a dusky-head. The female is more subtly marked, with golden highlights on her soft gray plumage. The other bird that I travel all of the way to Canada to see is one of my all-time favorite birds, the Gray Jay. The Gray Jay is one of the most intrepid birds in North America, living in northern forests year-round and rearing chicks in the dark of winter. Highly curious and always on the lookout for food, Gray Jays eat just about anything, from berries to small animals. They may even land on your hand to grab a raisin or peanut. They hoard food in trees to sustain themselves through bleak winters. Gray Jays are dark gray above and light gray below, with black on the back of the head forming a partial hood. Once you spend time around them they will affect you in a way they did to me, you will fall in love with these amazing birds.


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