Kunming, China

September 02, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I just had the opportunity to do some work in Kunming China. I was able to get the weekend off from work and did some sightseeing in Kunming, in the Yunnan Province. The City of Kunming is called the Spring City, because the temperature is always spring like year round. The city has some beautiful mountains that surround one side of the city. The city has a very relaxing atmosphere and the air quality is very good compared to the larger industrial cities in China. I had the opportunity to spend time working in Beijing about 14 months ago and the air quality was not very good. We spent a day in the Yunnan Ethnic Village, I enjoyed walking around the Village/Park. The sun was way too strong to get a lot of nice photos and when we went up to the Dragon Gate on top of the mountain there were way too many people to get some nice photos. It was an amazing experience thou. From the top of the mountain you could see the whole city and surrounding mountains. There was a heavy haze and the sun was bleaching all of the colors out of the scene. I then spent the day at the Stone Forest outside of the city, this place was amazing. We were there at the wrong time of day so I did not get a lot of shots that’s I would have liked to get, but it was truly a memorable day. I did get some nice shots despite the conditions and the crowds. I hope you enjoy them and if you ever get a chance to visit the Stone Forest you will not be disappointed. I hope you enjoy these photos, this was a special place. 


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