The Immature Eagle

May 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The funny thing is everyone I know loves the Mature Bald Eagle, they really do not pay the Juvenile Bald Eagle. I love these guys, they are so cool the first year they are so dark sometimes people who don't see alot of eagles mistake them for Golden Eagles.They have dark head, white wing-pits and wing linings. Smooth trailing edge to the wings. Upper wings are two toned brown. Bill is dark gray dark brown breast, lighter brown lower body, no white triangle on back. On the 2 year old Eagles the trailing the edge of wings is ragged; about half of the flight feathers are shorter than the others. Bill is medium gray. 3 year olds have a white belly, white wing-pits, white wing-linings, and white triangle on back. The bill is more gray than yellow. Smooth (regular) trailing edge of wings, except for perhaps one long secondary flight feather. 4 year olds have a dingy white head, neck and tail. Scattered white marks on body and wings. Yellow bill with dark smudges. Adult 5 year old has a bright white head, neck and tail. Dark brown body and wings. Bright yellow beak. Here are a bunch of shots from this weekend. I hope you enjoy them, they are amazing creatures.



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