American Wigeon

April 30, 2015  •  1 Comment

The American Wigeon

A common and abundant duck, the American Wigeon breeds in northwestern North America and is found throughout the rest of the continent in migration and in winter. Its small bill and the male's white forehead, as well as certain aspects of nesting and feeding behavior, distinguish this species from other dabbling ducks .Males have White or cream-colored forehead and fore crown and broad dark-green patch extending from behind eye to nape. Bill is bluish-gray with black tip. Cheeks and chin grayish. Breast, sides, and back are pinkish-brown. Rear flanks show a white patch; under tail coverts are black. The females head appears grayish overall, with finely-blended white and dusky streaks. Breast and flanks are pale reddish-brown; mantle is grayish-brown with some buff barring. Bill is small and grayish, with a black tip. They prefer shallow freshwater wetlands, including ponds, marshes, and rivers. They are one of my favorite ducks, they can be shy and elusive most of the time but when you get a good look at them they are amazing.





Mary toto marino(non-registered)
Exquisite photos like I never seen in my whole life. You are the best michael Heege!!!!
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