March Photo Exhibition

February 05, 2015  •  3 Comments

I will be having my second Photo Exhibition in March at the Sachem Library. The funny thing is the North Shore Public Library asked me to exhibit my work for next month as well, so I will be having concurrent Exhibitions, so I have to come up with a whole new set of photos to mat and frame. I am currently trying to whittle down this group of photos down to 15 or 16. I would appreciate your help with selecting these photos. Thank you all for your support and help.



Stopped by to see your photos - sent here via the Long Island Wildlife page. So glad I did. Your photo's are amazing! I agree with Donna, who could pick one photo?! They are all great. Love that you caught the spider on the gators nose - the snow on the fox's nose - the eagle with his catch... so many details. You captured moments of life. Beautiful. If you have an email list to notify of your upcoming shows, please add me. ( I would make the trip to see your work.
Bob Allwood(non-registered)
Agree with all the people, awesome pic's. I kinda like the light house. The two, looks like a cavern with an underground river and the waterfall picture.
donna hobby(non-registered)
i am sorry, but i could never pick because all of your pictures are so utterly beautiful. seriously. i don't know why you're staying on long island - you are professional level. National Geographic here he comes!!
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