The Eastern Screech Owl

January 23, 2015  •  1 Comment

The Eastern Screech-Owl is a short, stocky bird, with a large head and almost no neck. Its wings are rounded; its tail is short and square. Pointed ear tufts are often raised, lending its head a distinctive silhouette. Eastern Screech-Owls are active at night and are far more often heard than seen most bird watchers know this species only from its trilling or whinnying song. However, this cavity-roosting owl can be attracted to nest boxes or, if you’re sharp-eyed, spotted in daylight at the entrance to its home in a tree cavity. Trees define the Eastern Screech-Owl’s habitat. This owl is fairly common in most types of woods (evergreen or deciduous; urban or rural), particularly near water. It shuns treeless expanses of mountains or plains. This is the first time I have ever photographed one and it was a thrill to see it.



Cousin Sue McGibney(non-registered)
Gee Michael, you have been blessed with a great talent and just to be able to see these wonderful creatures.
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