As the leaves fall from the trees

October 13, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

As the leaves fall from the trees, and we prepare our R.V.’s for the upcoming winter, we say our goodbyes to our good friends and new friends. As we pull away the Campground goes silent, dormant for the winter. We look forward to the spring in all its glory and reuniting with all of our close friends. As Old Man winter is breathing down our necks and we brace for the cold and snow, some of us dread it but I am one of the people who cherish winter ( I know everyone thinks I am nuts, but listen to why I love the winter). I love the winter because I look forward to the Bald Eagles coming down from the north, and spending it here in the Catskills, that’s right the Catskill Mountains and Delaware water Gap will have hundreds of Bald Eagles flying around all of the large bodies of water. Winter is also is when the Seals come to the Eastern end of Long Island and winter. They are so cool to watch, they watch me as much as I watch them. Winter is also the best time to spot Owls, the Lords of the night, some of the best places to spot Owls are in the Wallkill Marsh area, there are always a good population of Short Eared Owls I have heard a number or Barred Owls during the day as well. Winter also brings one of the coolest and amazing birds to our area, in the past few years their numbers have spiked and they were spotted all over the eastern seaboard. I am talking about the Snowy Owl, I spend a lot of time on the beaches in the winter looking for these beauties and this past winter they were spotted in record number. These are some of the reasons why I love the winter, as the winter drags on for some people it flies by for me.


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